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Atomic Batteries Introduction

Atomic Batteries is the trademarked brand creation of Micropower Battery Company, one of the largest battery distributors in the world, in business since 1990. MBC services wholesale markets spanning over 50 countries, as well as providing retail sales across the United States. The Atomic Batteries brand name is exclusive to MBC. This product line is to be followed by additional hearing aid lines having an emphasis on unique features distinctive to hearing aid batteries. If you are a consumer we invite you to try our products. If you are a battery wholesale distributor or importer, kindly go to our distributor page for information about selling our brand.

Atomic Batteries are a registered trademark of Micropower Battery Company. Located in Miami, Florida, USA. MBC is a leading distributor of alkaline batteries, hearing aid batteries, watch batteries, and lithium batteries founded in 1990. MBC represents many of the world’s most important micro battery manufacturers. Atomic Batteries is a high quality and cost effective private label product line for Alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, LR1 and Lithium models such as CR2032 batteries. Atomic Batteries provide comparable performance to common brand name batteries with out the premium price paid for brand names . The Atomic AA Battery are designed to provide stable voltage and long shelf-file at an affordable price for your electronic devices, such as remote controls, toys, cameras, flashlights, radios, medical devices, and much more. Atomic batteries are available for retail sale at

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